Interface organizations

Francophone Caribbean communities

Jeune chambre de commerce haïtienne (JCCH)
514 383-7191

Francophone African communities

Le Chantier d’Afrique du Canada (Chafric)
514 767-6200

Anglophone Black communities

Côte-des-Neiges Black Community Association Inc.
514 737-8321

With their in-depth knowledge of the needs of the Black communities and their contacts with entrepreneurs, the interface organizations are an undeniable lever for ensuring the success of the Afro-Québécois businesspeople they work with. Within their respective communities, they are the privileged point of contact with the FONDS AFRO-ENTREPRENEURS.

Their assistance contributes, on the one hand, to keeping eligible entrepreneurs up to date on the different types of financing available to them through the Fonds and, on the other, to providing support for entrepreneurs in the preparation of loan applications. They are also well positioned to assist them later on, in the management and development of their businesses.

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