Where to start


1. If you wish to ask for assistance with the process of submitting your financing request to the FONDS AFRO-ENTREPRENEURS, you must contact the interface organization in your community, which is mandated to support and guide you in your entrepreneurial initiatives and help you put together your loan application documentation.


If your application and documentation are complete:
If you have a business plan and all the documents required by the Fund, you can submit your application directly to the FONDS AFRO-ENTREPRENEURS. You will find the address on the Contact page of this site. Next, go to Step 3.

2. Contact the FONDS AFRO-ENTREPRENEURS to submit all the information they need to study your application.

3. As soon as all the information required for your application has been received by the Fund, you will be contacted and, most likely, invited to present your project or company to the Fund in person.

4. Additional information may be required to proceed with the evaluation of your request; if so, the Fund will ask you to submit it.

5. Once your application has been studied, if it is approved, the Fund will contact you to present an offer of financing.

If you wish, you can ask for assistance from your “interface” organization to complete your application for financing from the FONDS AFRO-ENTREPRENEURS.

Note that, during the period in which the Fonds is studying your application, you can continue to rely on your interface organization for support in your research and discussions.

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